The Climate Conundrum

Climate Change impacting rising temperatures, now is the time to green!

The overall impact of rising temperatures is being witnessed in almost all parts of the world around the globe. If we have fires in the North, we witness rain and riverine flooding in the south. Millions are being displaced, time hanging heavily on them. Environmental degradation is at an all-time high and ecological disturbance fully escalated.

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To avoid all this, the governments, the communities, and the elected people must put an arm around the wheel because the cost of inaction is more than the cost of action. Climate change does not respect national boundaries. The countries in the global north are facing dramatic changes too. But the countries in the global south in contrast are the ones facing calamitous changes. Bangladesh, and Pakistan for example are the ones that are impacted hugely. Climate displacement is another phenomenon that goes on unabated. This is happening at an unusually greater speed than in the past. The pressure on cities to accept incoming displaced people is an underlying reality only the conscious would know. To combat challenges in this new changing world the scenario needs to be changed swiftly.

We need to shift from fossil fuels to renewable, or electric energy. The smoke-billowing beastly monsters need to be replaced by either electric or clean energy-driven vehicles. What we need to do now is to look for measures that enable us to go into a slow but sure transition.
This transition means training workers from their orthodox ways of labour into new innovative techniques of qualitative change as regards the methodology in the field of workmanship.

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The C40 mayor’s conference represents a majority of the world’s cities being represented largely. They are predominantly the most potent of all the representatives from this particular stratum. The engines of change. As opposed to national governments which have other priorities. mayors are more focused on the urgent and emergent changes that can help mitigate the toxic effects of climate change.

Not long ago the countries were in denial but now gradually coming to accept the fact and the huge impact wrought on countries and toxicity created by pollution and fossil fuels.

The mode of transport must switch from conventional to electric the soonest. With the invasion of Ukraine, the ongoing tensions in the global world and escalated prices of gas and fuel have had crippling effects on citizens. People are forced to cut down on their expenses with prices soaring high every minute. It may be an opportunity for resource-strapped countries to finally invest more in alternative ways. This may be a good time to say goodbye to our age-old custom of fossil fuel reliance. Time to go green. A healthier, much greener, and a cleaner environment are what we all must be looking for.

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The idea of waste management also has to be borne in mind and introduced in order to fight this annoying menace. The action for converting Waste to Energy should be made a priority as well. The compost is a good option, turned into green fertilizer.

The taxis the rickshaws the buses must go electric.

The government must form a group of mayors, present and former. Somebody as its head to convene meetings wherein evolve strategies to start with the basics.

People, therefore, under the impeccable stewardship of their mayors like Sadiq Khan are beginning to feel the change keeping themselves abreast with the essentially important changes therein.

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