The Coronavirus Pandemic — a Blessing in Disguise?

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, it is potentially difficult to imagine good things while it is wreaking havoc all over the world. However, if we follow the “glass half full” approach, there are certain considerable changes brought about by the novel disease following lockdown that have led to a lot of good to appreciate in the long run.

The first is family: Before lockdown, people would be immersed in the daily grind of life and hardly ever make time for their loved ones. But, ever since the restrictions have been imposed, families have begun to spend more time together. They’ve started cherishing the pure moments of comfort and love that they might have previously taken for granted.

Another fruit of the hiatus is the improvement of the parent-child relationship following the work from home policy. Since people rarely or don’t at all have to commute to work, there has not only been an increase in productivity, but children are now getting undivided attention from their parents. This was rare in most cases because of the hectic work schedules of most parents. Due to online classes, parents are also better able to assess their children’s standing as students — which areas they excel at and where they might need a slight nudge. This familiarization of parents with their children’s academic prowess is certainly a huge plus point.

Moreover, with very few vehicles on the road, a sharp decline in pollution has been observed. Thus, one can witness a tangible improvement in the environment. The skies have turned blue and the Air Quality Index (AQI) has been exponentially improved in most areas. Air pollution is said to have reduced up to 44% following the considerable decrease in human mobility. Likewise, with reduced traffic, there have been much fewer cases of road accidents.

The coronavirus has also made its mark on the food industry. To boost the immune system, the tradition of natural, healthy foods is back in trend while the nutrient-deficient, processed options are being sidelined. This need for organic and plant-based foods has caused a surge in demand for the same. Growing at a rate of 12.2%, the organic food market is said to be worth $272.18 as of 2027.

On a closing note, the COVID-19 pandemic has paradoxically proven to be a blessing in disguise on many fronts. Plenty of expenses have been controlled and a rising trend in savings has been witnessed. With the typical way of living taking a 180-degree swing, the coronavirus has taught us a great deal about valuing the things we have. The most important lesson, however, is prioritizing family and not taking them for granted. In every bad situation lies some glimmer of hope. In the scenario of this virus, there is indeed a silver lining as well.


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