The emergence of Artificial Intelligence

“In all human history, humans have spied one another. They surveyed, monitored and eavesdropped in order to find out what others were planning to do. In future, machines would spy machines to know what they were planning to do”. Technological advancement has altered the very dynamics of world order. In this fast changing world the growing influence of Artificial is generating plethora of questions and concerns. Many historians such a Yuval Noah Harari, in his book lessons of 21st century argue that the rise of robotic technology would put the existence of mankind at risk. However, it is proven fact that the technological developments have become integral part of human life and international world order. It’s significance can be gauged from the fact that all high income countries including United States, China, Canada and North Korea invest billions of dollars in artificial intelligence plans to strengthen their position in security dynamics and world diplomacy.

The aspiration of China to become world leader is based on its AI plan 2030. After achieving this vision China would no longer be dependent on any other countries for technology. The robotic technology will create economic opportunities in international markets. It will boost Chinese industry. Similarly, the role of Artificial Intelligence during the outbreak of Covid-19 was also laudable. It assisted number of hospital and it’s medical stall in dealing with global health emergency in the shortage of medical staff. Many doctors, with the help of sensor based equipment became able to trace high risk patients. It has also being claimed that Chinese Blue Dot AI agency identified Corona virus before World Health organization. Moreover, the detection of Ebola and Zika virus also became possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence in the past.

In addition to that, artificial intelligence is playing pivotal function in strengthening security and defense postures. In the recent past Donald Trump, the former president of America introduced its “New AI initiative”. The new initiative will not only improve security and intelligence but also give impetus to defense production industry. The American leadership has also signed Basic exchange agreement with Indian government. It provides India with air based technology including drones and other automatic weapons. The agreement is part of American policy of containment of China and deepen it’s hegemony in Indo-pacific.

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence is wake-up call for Pakistan to make the most of it. It can not only help in balance of power but also improve good governance. The integration of technology through E-governance can eradicate redtapisim, corruption long public service delays and trust deficit. The both Federal and provincial government can get connected with masses and resolve their grievances at gross root level.


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