The idea of a Muslim Welfare State and its Connection with Imran Khan’s Government

The recent inauguration over disbursement of interest free loans to the marginalized segments is laudable. The prime minister’s first inaugural session over disbursement of loans comes at a time when the down and out are taking enough heat already because of our tottering economy.

The government is not to blame for this.The ills are being corrected and removed no doubt. The outdated beleaguered system of governance is being revamped with a renewed spirit and a healthy financial system being created thereby.

This will make way for a circular economy and not poverty economy just like the case is, in Tanzania, where people are collecting mountains of plastics from the tumbling mass of debris and waste. and delivering it to those who recycle. In the process they come in contact with chars of broken glass and used syringes, an appalling sight which sends a thunder through your body. If you saw how they collected these plastic bottles you would be aghast to know, how poor are being exploited by these big factory owners like the coca-cola and their likes.They are being pushed to the extremities of wretchedness.When asked by the international agencies the poor woman who was spotted on the site and asked how much did she make in a day. The resilient woman said a paltry two euros at the max. Whereas system’s need to be put in place for these poor people no matter what part of the world they eke out a living in.

Among other corrective measures adopted by our government, this interest free loan system will no doubt mitigate their sufferings which may also bring respectability to the recipients. The mechanism adopted by Ehsaas organization is believed to be transparent. We will come to know more about it by and by. So far the intent is clear. I k in his address was very effusive, forthright and downright persuasive. He referred to the state of Medina which in a short time became the welfare state. The best seven hundred yrs of Muslim rule were seen as exemplary. The Roman and the Persian empires were at their resplendent glory. The idea of a Muslim welfare state has to be understood in its true sense. We must have a society where poor are not looked down upon simply because they are poor. Remember Pakistan is the only country which was founded in the name of Islam. We as Muslims and it’s citizens are doubly responsible for the well being of our brethren.

The brave stance on Benami scheme is yet another feather in his cap. He emphatically told the audience any proceeds made out of these schemes would still go to the poor. A daunting task but achievable.

The broadening of the tax base will surely broaden the basis to somehow help our poor country fellows.

The other bold initiative being widely hailed by Pakistanis hone and abroad is setting up of the Saudi immigration which allows pilgrims within their country to get facilitated and get the required clearance in the country of origin. This saves them the hassle and agony of going through the associated grueling processes in the kingdom. A huge milestone for the Ministry of Religious Affairs. The ministry and it’s head is worthy of all appreciation. We also thank the royal kingdom of Saudi Arabia to accede to our prime ministers request and act timely. Imran Khan for sure thinks of the common man. May we see him bring about more such changes in the future. We the commoners are fed up with cosmetic changes.

A little suggestion for our beloved Imran Khan would be to issue people clearance certificates . The gentry should go through a systematized process of due diligence of paper scrutiny and later asked by the owners to plaster their NTN numbers on their houses to avoid hassle. Clearance certificates from sales tax dept be given to the owners of their industries and working units. Once they have them plastered on their industries, no person from the state Gestapo should come and check them. We must simplify matters. The blackmailing at the hands of the black sheep within the departments would then be stopped anon.