The ill-fated batch of A-Levels 2021

Lahore, 9th October: The batch of the A-levels 2021 students all over the world are the most affected after the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic.

On the surface of it, the batch of 2021 has been the most unaffected by this pandemic when compared to the batch of 2020 and 2022.

However, diving deeper into the matter, one can clearly see that this is not the case. The future of this batch is even more unclear than the previous one and less fortunate than the one below it. It is fighting with uncertainty on every possible front, but will it be able to conquer the beast?

Covering half of their A-Level syllabus online has caused a ton of difficulties for these students; for this was the first time schools were adapting to the pandemic and were trying to shift their courses online. This trial-to-perfection method took a toll on the students as they could not quite grasp this teaching method in the beginning.

Then slowly and gradually as Zoom classes became the new norm, the schools decided to reopen and they had to adapt back to on-campus schooling. This constant shift back and forth has truly left the children in frenzy for it requires time to adapt to these changes, and time is what students do not have in A levels.

Moreover, there have been delays in standardized testing, like the SATs, which have affected the entire timeline of student application processes. This postponement has made it even more difficult for students to manage studies in their final A-Level year alongside these external.

Moreover, CIEs are also a cause of huge ambiguity for the students, for it is still unclear as to whether the system will make an exception this time and cut the syllabus, or perhaps the dates will move a month ahead, no one knows anything as of yet.

On top of this, the pandemic has worsened the economic situation of people across the globe and many parents are facing problems securing a decent budget for their child’s university. Moreover, educational institutions are also facing financial constraints and will probably not be able to give aid to students as easily this year.

The students are surely very concerned about their future situation and their uncertainties will hopefully be clarified after January as the threat of a second wave clears out.

Until then, we can only wish them the best of luck!

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