The imposition of a foreign language is a form of government-level oppression that no government has ever inflicted on its people

March 8, 2021: When the government ordered the educational institutions to go English medium, it issued an order overnight. One night I woke up and found out that from today all the educational institutions in Pakistan have become English medium.

That is, all the books on children who had not even read the English alphabet up to primary level did science, social sciences and mathematics in English.

Admirable are the teachers who have educated these children. That is why the results of the 2009 government English medium institutions for class in fifth and eighth were the most horrific. example of the brutal murder of their infants in the history of the world, in which 1.8 million out of 2 million pupils failed. Half of thesecontinued their education.

At the governmental level, this is the kind of oppression that no government has ever done to its people. We believe that Pakistan’s educational institutions have the minimum punishment for those who order education in one of the seven overseas foreign languages ​​overnight. Therefore, they killed the natural abilities of the children and made them rebel against education and they said goodbye to education.

When we raised our voice against the tyranny of this former government, the ministers of the present government used to join our protest and demand that the former rulers be sent to jail. The same curriculum in Urdu should be implemented overnight in the same way as the previous rulers did by imposing a foreign ‘seven overseas language’ here.

When this nation struggled and studied in a foreign language English. Why should it then be difficult for pupils to learn in Urdu, which is one hundred percent the language of Pakistan’s media, which is the language of Pakistan’s streets, bazaars, homes, which is still in used in so-called English medium institutions. If education is being given then why it will be difficult for children to get education in Urdu?

Now when it comes to conducting all education in Urdu, it is being used as a ploy to implement it “gradually”. But now 99% of the people will become a leaden wall against English domination! InshaAllah!

By Fatima Qamar Pakistan National Language Movement

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