The Islamabad High Court has issued written orders on six appeals of Nawaz Sharif

May 20, 2021: According to orders written by Division Bench of Islamabad High Court Justice Amir Farooq and Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani, and obtained by BaaghiTV, State Council Sadaqat Ali Jehangir and NAB’s prosecution team appeared in court, while Nawaz Sharif and his side did not appear in the hearing of criminal appeal No. 121 filed by Nawaz Sharif himself.

Nawaz Sharif was absent in his own appeal, the order said according to Nawaz Sharif’s Criminal Appeal No. 121 pertaining to Avonfield,  a restraining order against the sentence has been issued. Accountability court sentenced Nawaz Sharif to 10 years in Avonfield reference. Maryam Nawaz appeared in person. Accountability court sentenced Maryam Nawaz to 7 years.

Miscellaneous request for adjournment of hearing of Maryam Nawaz’s lawyer granted. Capt. Safdar Appears in Personal Appeal in Criminal Appeal No. 123 2118 filed by Capt. Safdar. Accountability court sentenced Captain Safdar to 1 year in prison. Miscellaneous request for adjournment of hearing of Captain Safdar’s counsel granted. Nawaz Sharif and his side did not appear in the hearing of Criminal Appeal No. 1 219 filed by Nawaz Sharif.

Nawaz Sharif declared absent in his own appeal. In reference to NAB’s Criminal Appeal No. 2 219, NAB Prosecution Team Appears in Court. NAB extends 7-year sentence to 14 years in Nawaz Sharif’s Azizia case. NAB’s Prosecution Team Appears in Court in Criminal Appeal No. 3 219 filed by NAB. Criminal Appeal No. 3 is against Nawaz Sharif’s acquittal in the 219 Flagship Reference.

The next hearing on the six appeals will be on May 25, the Registrar’s Office said.

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