The major increase in online sales during the pandemic: UNCTAD report

Geneva, May 3 2021: Results of a UN study conducted on the use of e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic were published on Monday and show how much online sales rose during the period, particularly in 2020.

The study was conducted by sourcing data from seven countries that represent about two thirds of total global online sales and include; Australia, Britain, Canada, China, Singapore, South Korea and the US. Online sales grew in Australia by 59%, in Britain by 46%, 32% in the US and by 14% in China. According to Torbjorn Fredriksson, the author of the report, these statistics highlight the importance of online sales.

The pandemic was found to have provided a boost for the e-commerce space but the gains were not enjoyed equally across the globe. The report was published by the UN Conference on Trade and Development and shows a number of developments that point to a rise in online sales while a decrease in traditional retail sales was recorded.

The report seeks to underscore the need for developing economies to consider this data to rebuild from the pandemic.

Meanwhile in Africa, online retail giant Jumia was a star performer whose transactions rose by more than 50% in volume during the first half of 2020 compared with the previous year.

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