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‘The Michelle Obama Podcast’ featuring Barack Obama

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30th July 2020: Obamas discussed pandemic, voting, anxiety, and community in their new podcast.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, former first lady Michelle Obama has launched a new podcast on Wednesday with former President Barack Obama as her first guest.

In the first episode of her podcast, Michelle Obama centered her conversation with her husband around ideas about building community.

Barack Obama to be the first guest on wife’s podcast

“Everybody’s feeling this uncertainty, this anxiety, this sense that what we’ve been doing isn’t working the way it should,” the former president said, summarizing the state of the country amid the coronavirus pandemic and protests over racial injustice.

“We can’t deal with a pandemic by ourselves,” he said. “There are just certain things that you have to do collectively because they’re too big, they’re too expensive.”

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The Obamas also discussed the protests carried out in the US to save Black lives. They also talked about whether they would be voting in the coming elections.

“They have been told, the message is sent every day, that government doesn’t work,” Barack Obama said.

“They take for granted all the things that a working government has done in the past. … The danger for this generation is that they become too deeply cynical in government. Not understanding that all government is us collectively making decisions together.”

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“There’s really no structure to market government,” said Michelle Obama. “The average young person knows more about the cereal they’re eating and the car they’re driving than they do about what the government actually does for them.”

Michelle Obama, referring to Barack Obama’s campaign slogan, told her husband: “You are the eternal optimist. You’re the ‘yes we can’ man.”

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“You just think things have to get super, super bad before folks figure stuff out,” he responded.
“Well, I hope we’re at that point,” Michelle Obama said.

“I’m always thinking, maybe we could learn a little bit,” Barack Obama said.
“Before we crash into the sun,” she agreed.

“The Michelle Obama Podcast” is available on Spotify. Guests on the show include late-night host Conan O’Brien, former Obama White House aide Valerie Jarrett, actor Craig Robinson and Sharon Malone, who is married to former Attorney General Eric Holder.

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