The Old thorn to be Come Out

After the death of founder of Pakistan Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Pakistan’s First Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan, political situation in Pakistan became very conflictual and unstable and made us rudderless. This provided an opportunity for other strong institutions to interfere and take the vacant space directly and indirectly by time to time. In this merry-go-round of power, the problem of border between Pakistan and Afghanistan remained unsolved. Fortunately our current Chief of Army Staff took great interest to solve the above mentioned problem. He visited the brother country time and again and discussed with the responsible authorities of Afghanistan.

Durand line is one of the main and oldest cause due to which the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan never came on track. In 1947, Pakistan got the modified Durand line which was modified in 1919 treaty. Internationally Durand Line was considered as border between Pakistan and Afghanistan although Afghanistan never recognised it. Afghanistan claims the KPK province of Pakistan and Attock which is last district of Punjab and this district joins Punjab and KPK. Afghanistan claim this because of the 1893 agreement between the British diplomat Mortimer Durand and Afghanistan Emir Abdur Rahman Khan.

When British announced the partition of India, Afghanistan do not support this decision. Afghanistan even started its efforts to form Pashtonistan. Afghanistan wants British to form another country (Pashtonistan) consist of areas of south of Amu River in Afghanistan to the west of Indus River in Pakistan.

After the great partition Afghanistan is the only country which do not recognise Pakistan and even voted against the membership of Pakistan in United Nations. Durand Line was the main problem due to which Afghanistan never had a good relationship with Pakistan. Although in 1976, Afghanistan then Prime Minster Sardar Mohammad Daoud Khan announced to recognise the Durand Line as a international border but laterally denied.

Durand Line is considered as one of the most dangerous border in the world. It was considered as one of the most dangerous border because of smuggling and terrorists activities done on both sides of border. The length of this border is 2640 Km and it is not possible for army to control the smuggling activities or terrorists activities without fencing it.

General Qamar Javed Bajwa announced to fence the northern border of Pakistan in 2017. A long and winding mountainous border with hundreds of mountains and tracks has always been very difficult to fence. When you have a border in which terrorist activities were normal and smuggling were done regularly with a border length of 2640 Km than it became were difficult to implement this type of project in anywhere in the world. This project has a proved to be one of the most difficult project in the word. Militants from both sides are very much of against this project. They also attack on construction sites many a times. Other than that fencing on North Waziristan area of border were also very difficult to fence in extreme weather specially in Winter.

This project of around $550 Million is now in final stage. According to the press release of ISPR, fencing work is 85% completed and is expected to be fully completed in April-May 2021.

Pakistan main aim was to secure the region and by fencing the border, they will secure it. Militants attacks also decreased in the area from 82 attacks in 2019 to only 11 attacks in 2020. Other than that, smuggling of drugs and unlawful arms will also decreased by fencing it. According to UN report, 90 percent of the world’s opium is supplied from Afghanistan. About 45 percent of which is supplied through Pakistan.

When Soviet Union took control of Afghanistan, also tried to seal this border in 1980’s but she could not succeed. After the 9/11 when US arrived in Afghanistan, also tried to seal this border with the help of Pakistan but they also could not succeed.

Although Afghanistan does not support this project yet still this project will definitely melt the problems between both the countries. International agencies and world also hailed this project and see this project as productive. In short, I congratulate the authorities that offered their lives and gave a gift of peace to the coming generations of both countries. In my opinion, it is a historic moment when we succeeded to bring out the thorn which was laid when subcontinent was divided.


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