The other side of Uzma Khan’s violence case story

Lahore, 27th May: Another side of today’s torture story has come to light regarding Pakistan’s model Uzma Khan.

According to Baaghi TV, Uzma Khan torture case has taken a new turn. Since evening the video of violence conducted against the model cum actress Uzma Khan by supposed Malik Riaz’s daughter has gone viral on social media.

A lady, Amna Usman claims that Uzma Khan was having an illicit relationship with her husband, Malik Usman.

The latest video message has come out from a woman named Amna Usman in which she has revealed that she has no relationship with Malik Riaz. Amna Usman has said that Malik Riaz is being deliberately targeted and maligned in all this spat.

She further clarifies that Malik Usman, her husband has no direct relationship with Malik Riaz too. The actual person to be blamed is Hassaan Niazi, who wants to get money out of Malik Riaz.

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Amna Usman claims that it is being said that she forcefully barged in Uzma Khan’s house, however, this is not the case. The house she went in was her husband’s second house and she had all the right to enter it.

Mrs. Usman clarifies that being a mother, she has been warning the model to keep away from her husband, just like any other wife or a mother would do in such a scenario.

Amna Usman accepts that her husband has been doing wrong by having an affair with the model and that she will look into that matter.

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She went to her husband’s house following the model and alleges that Uzma Khan is found doing drugs and drinking alcohol with her husband.

According to Amna, Uzma Khan is an ill character woman who says that she was observing I’tikaaf but the fact is that she was using alcohol and cocaine with Malik Usman under the guise of I’tikaaf.

Amna says that she is shown pouring kerosene oil on the model in the video, however, it was the wine that is spilled on the model which she was consuming.

Amna Usman further said that Hassan Niazi is playing the role of plea bargaining in this situation and has demanded a huge amount of money to get rid of this girl.

Amna Usman says that Hassan Niazi has sent a message that if we give these girls money, then the case may be over.

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