The reason of reappointing on a position which already has an officer is incomprehensible: Mubasher Lucman


Mubashir Lucman points out the mistake in PM’s announcement.

He tweeted saying that the Prime Minister had announced the appointment of an officer for Pakistanis abroad, not even knowing that there is already one special person in 6 important positions in the Foreign Ministry.

Mubashir Lucman says that this man, our PM, is already handling issues such of Overseas, Administration, Audit, Projects, Consular and Forensic Services Academy himself.

He says that it is strange if there is such precedent before us. When an officer is already working on a post, then it is incomprehensible to hand over the responsibilities to another officer.

He added that although he is surprised with this act, however, the Prime Minister has his own style. He cannot say what goals he wants to achieve through it.