The Sharif family has planned an attack on the judiciary: Shahzad Akbar

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Accountability Shehzad Akbar has claimed that the Sharif family planned to attack the judiciary.

Baaghi TV: Special Assistant for Accountability Shehzad Akbar wrote on social networking site Twitter that Irfan Hashmi’s big revelation confirms that the nation already knows, the Sharif family planned to attack the judiciary. And obstructed the proceedings against him and with the revelation that Nawaz Sharif had asked Rana Shamim to sign a dubious affidavit in his office.

He wrote that it was revealed that Nawaz Sharif had Rana Shamim sign the affidavit and the big question is who gave the objectionable affidavit to the journalist in the first place.

Meanwhile, Minister of State Farrukh Habib also confirmed the claim of Rana Shamim’s son and said that Rana Shamim is an official of PML-N lawyers’ wing. This was admitted by his son himself on TV.

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