An American citizen made a fool out of Joe Biden

Washington: A live caller at the White House on Christmas Eve fooled the US President.

Baaghi TV: According to US media, US President Joe Biden was talking to people on a live call with his first lady on the eve of Christmas, during which the father of the children on a video call said to the US president at the end of the conversation, “Let’s go, Brandon.” But the US president was unable to understand the sarcastic remarks and agreed to the caller’s statement.

According to reports, the US president and first lady talked to their father Jared after talking to the children and in the last part of the conversation Joe Biden said that I hope your Christmas will be wonderful but caller Jared said “yes and I hope you have a great Christmas too.”

It should be noted that the term “let’s go, Brandon” is associated with the Conservatives, a political slogan used by supporters of former US President Donald Trump, and they use it to refer to Joe Biden, meaning “get rid of Joe Biden.” The US president did not immediately understand Jared’s statement and said that he agreed.

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