The Swashbuckler

Imran Khan –  a fighter who fought his way through time and tide – a journey which is very much a testament to his courage, strength, and bravery. As a cricketing star, he ruled over the hearts of so many out there, and his admirers were always in awe.

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A dashing hero who exuded an enthralling charm that has never weaned away or diminished to date, alone he went up the rungs of the ladder with much consistency, reaching the pinnacle of his career. An international star who earned acclaim at home and abroad alike. From a star to an unfaltering leader, he has shown character, and an unswerving resolve to weed out corruption. Not duplicitous and is very ironic in his political attitude. He went after the corrupt mafia, which truly has been the hallmark of his ‘tehreek’. He is an intrepid son of the soil poised and geared to bring about a change in our decadent society. His goal is to change his country from becoming dependent to a self-reliant one.

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The recent chain of events has made politics rather murkier and messier. Let’s not stir the hornet’s nest. All organs of the state must function while remaining within their own permissible limits. There is a flurry of unanswered questions that the junta poses. Have we not seen our erstwhile leaders of varying shades who have bawled out a string of vitriolic tirades against the authorities time and again? Some say he is being pushed against the wall. But these events would shape his career in a manner he never would have imagined. Anything uttered or said by Khan is way too inconsequential. We all respect the institution of the armed forces. We all as families are tied with the apron strings of this august institution, in one form or another. So there is no question of anybody going against the army and the establishment.

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The army which has the perennial support of its masses… we see it becoming awry.

The masses are now result-oriented. They are grimacing with pain, gulping for more air, like their own leader. By and by they see everything through the prism of the fair electioneering process. A natural process of filtration and cleansing thus envisions the principle of public support without undue backing of hidden forces… and now as we witness the growing fervor and awareness in public over the months and years of grueling displays of strength in jalsas, this might pave way for politically motivated, yet a more conscientious segment of our society, in the choosing of candidates from their very home districts.

A flamboyant no nonsense swashbuckler still going through some choppy waters, leading the way with courage, might and steadiness, not flinching back once. You may call him whatever, but will never ever trade the honour of his country over his personal needs.

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His personal credibility can be gauged by the simple fact that all those funds that have been collected through his personal request so far, for the flood affectees are a testament to his growing popularity. His unwavering support for his people means a lot. He has been the only person amongst the native leaders who has been emphasizing on climate change. Surely anybody like him could have explained to the world that we are only responsible for 0.4 percent of the world’s gas emissions but we bear the brunt of the other countries’ misdoings. Today it’s us; tomorrow it could be any other country. According to Imran Khan, it has to be a collective effort on part of the world leaders and leaders of developing and developed countries.

He has been so transformative in people’s lives.

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