The Third Dimension of Hafeez-Gilani Senate duel

I have no affection or liking for Hafeez Sheikh. He is a profoundly mediocre deputy secretary stuff.

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However, look at the moral decadence of the concerned institutions/political parties/individuals who have brazenly contributed towards the ignominious victory of Yousuf Raza Gilani.

It questions the common sense of all those who drafted Hafeez Sheikh into PTI’s administration, in the first place — despite his shambolic performance as bursar in PMLQ cabinet (2002-08) and again as cashier in PPP rule (2008-13).
Furthermore, a person of YR Gilani’s background is aspiring for the Senate Chairmanship — a requiem for the Parliament.

In fairness — Hafeez Sheikh was not a good choice to combat Yousuf Multani — one of the Zardari-generated perfidies.

However, this ostensible defeat will turn out to be PTI Govt’s longterm triumph.

It will bring to spotlight the rapidly learning Hamad Azhar. Hamad, in my recondite view, is fit/ready to take up as full-time Finance Minister.
I have never met him, but I’m quite confident that he will deliver.

He may be Pakistan’s Manmohan Singh or Britain’s Rishi Sunak — lets give him a chance he deserves.

And give Hafeez a good ‘send-off’ to Bretton Woods.

Needless to say—Yousuf Multani should be sent back to Adiala Jail, where he actually belongs.

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