The United States is ready to lead the world again, says Biden


Washington, 25th November: Joe Biden has declared that the United States is ready to lead the world again.

US President-elect Joe Biden has reportedly said that the United States will not back down from leading the world, but will fight the opposition and join hands with allies.

Biden also tweeted on his official Twitter account, “Let’s begin the work to heal and unite America and the world.”

The president-elect made the remarks during an introductory session of his nominated team on foreign and national security issues in Wilmington, Delaware, on Tuesday.

“My team believes in the strong belief that the United States is stronger when it works with its allies,” Biden said. In the same way, we can keep the United States safe without getting involved in unnecessary military conflicts.
“The members I have chosen for my cabinet will not only correct foreign policy, but also formulate foreign and national security policy for future generations,” Biden said. They will tell me what I need to know, not what I want to hear.

Newly elected President Joe Biden has nominated Anthony Blinken as Secretary of State, who has a very different view of the Trump administration’s approach to US foreign policy.

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