‘The woman should have called at 15’: CCPO Lahore


Lahore, 14th September: Lahore CCPO Umar Sheikh appears before the Lahore High Court today.

According to the report of Baaghi TV, the CCPO has appeared in the court on the summons for the motorway abuse case.

Chief Justice Lahore High Court Justice Qasim Khan heard the case, the court has issued a notification on the motorway abuse case.

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A show-cause notice was issued to the CCPO in the Lahore High Court. The CCPO told the court that the report was made at 3:05 am and we arrived at 3:25 am.

The Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court inquired the woman made the first call to whom? The public prosecutor said that the woman had made the first call at 130.

The court inquired what was said to the woman, to which the public prosecutor said that the woman was told to call 15.

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On asking by the Chief Justice Qasim Khan when was this motorway handed over, the public prosecutor said that this motorway was handed over 2 months ago.

CCPO Lahore said in the court that the ring road falls under our jurisdiction, and problems are arising due to the fight between the institutions.

The girl called 130, she got a conference call on FW, and 130 did her job. CCPO said the lady should have called 15, now I will be charged again for this statement.

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The Chief Justice asked when the Dolphin Force arrived. The CCPO said that the Dolphin Force arrived in 20 minutes. The court asked what scenes the Dolphin Force members saw. The CCPO told the court that the Dolphin Force fired two shots in the air. The woman called out that a girl, two children and a woman were present there. The family was rushed to the hospital. Later, the woman expressed her support for getting medical treatment.

The CCPO told the court that we took a DNA swipe there, the foot professional was also called immediately. He informed that they searched in 3 adjoining villages, and got the DNA of 53 people.

It is to be noted that a very tragic incident of a gang rape of a woman on the motorway took place in Gujjarpura area of ​​Lahore. Two men smashed a car window on the motorway and pulled the woman and her children out, then took them to nearby bushes and allegedly raped the woman in front of the children.

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