The world on Tenterhooks… It seems

At the cusp of withering away...
The world on Tenterhooks... It seems | Baaghi TV

Afghanistan is in dire straits. The overall condition of people is appalling. There is hunger, and the food shortage must be a cause of concern for the rest of the world. The aid agencies are doing their job but not enough to keep them going.

They are teetering at the brink of ruination. The brutally cold winter is taking its toll. 28 million people are almost without food. Simply staying alive is a daily struggle. It is unconscionable that the government is not taking any notice.

Never before have we witnessed such a cold winter, says a local denizen. The temp may plummet to a whopping minus 29. To top it all there is a shortage of food, fuel, and wood. People have gone on without any decent meals in days since the implosion of this economic crisis and the danger is still looming large with no possible relief in sight.

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The children are dying for want of proper care and attention. There is food insecurity. The humanitarian crisis only worsens with time. The Taliban are unmoved as no woman is allowed to take part or help the non-governmental organizations to provide relief goods to the needy. Ironically, nothing seems to bend them, for they have their own way of thinking.

To the Americans, it is a pariah government. They have slapped sanctions on them, no country is thus allowed to help them in any way. This is a worst-case scenario. The Eurasian region is very much a case study for all ensuing natural calamities, apocalyptic scenarios, quakes, and riverine flooding. Pakistan saw some of the worst and most devastating riverine floodings, Turkey had seismic tremors turning homes and buildings into rubble, and now Afghanistan where people are living on the edge. The hapless masses face hunger, pain, and suffering because of the inclement weather, there is a short supply of edibles, wood, fuel, and now fire in freezing temperatures.

The world on Tenterhooks... It seems | Baaghi TV

IZMIR, TURKEY – OCTOBER 30: A view of a quake damaged site after a magnitude 6.6 quake shook Turkey’s Aegean Sea coast, in Izmir, Turkey on October 30, 2020. (Photo by Mehmet Emin Menguarslan/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

It is heart-rending and gut-wrenching to see the children perish away slowly and gradually. We all have our personal dilemmas. But it is time for shifting paradigms. Ukrainians are also bearing the brunt of a war that may not be of their own choosing. People who migrate or are displaced against their will, have to endure many hardships. Some flee beyond their own borders and are petrified and constantly persecuted. They die on the high seas, for the rickety boats that they travel on, to get to their dreamlands. In the quest for greener pastures the smugglers, and the human traffickers make hay, while the poor face the grave consequences. Most of them lose their lives because of the perilous journey.

The world on Tenterhooks... It seems | Baaghi TV

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When shall there be peace and tranquility? Why don’t the bigger economies, and the superpowers come to the rescue of the downtrodden Rohingya, malnourished and emaciated of Subsaharan Africa, the migrants, and the refugees of Darfur living in the makeshift camps for far too long? And now the helpless poor children in Afghanistan who may die in millions because of the cold and short supply of food. Thus, it is a call to attention to the countries of the world, we are the children. We are the ones who make a brighter day. So let’s not give in.

Afghanistan is at the cusp of famine. The cyclical droughts over the years have had their impact in form of food shortages, no more harvests, and yields that do not exist anymore.

For the all people of Afghanistan whether they like it or not, there needs to be a committed comprehensive plan to bring the Taliban into the international community so that hospitals, schools, jobs, infrastructure, agriculture, and trade can be strongly established.

Turkey is unrecognizable by the power of quakes. From North to South, this is a country that is in shock. Tanks are shelling the roads and destroying the bridges in Ukraine. Russian mercenaries are at the heart of the fighting. The UN’s strong message against gender apartheid is intolerable. The ban on women in education is still in place.

The world on Tenterhooks... It seems | Baaghi TV

Pictured above are soldiers of the Russia-Ukraine war.

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I think some seriousness at the international level is a dire need to virtually help mitigate the sufferings of girls who have been pushed to the extremities of wretchedness in Afghanistan. Now we hear about the gas poisoning of girls across Iran. Why do we go on to suppress the voices that mean so much? The future of our countries. A dastardly act to undermine the voices that need paying attention to.

Mass and genocidal killings must come to an end. It is rather a time for re-engagement. The wars must stop forthwith. Human lives are costlier than everything else. It can only give rise to mayhem and destruction. Nothing positive will come out of this. A LOT IS AT STAKE.

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