Think Tank Pakistan established to help pro-people laws for speedy justice

LONDON, August 17 (APP): British-Pakistani learned community in London established a “Think Tank Pakistan” forum to help and recommend pro-people laws in Pakistan for provision of speedy and affordable justice to the people specially the poor in the country.

The Think Tank Pakistan was London based consists of a learned Pakistanis from all over the world.

“The objective behind forming this group was to pinpoint flaws and to suggest /recommend appropriate amendments in civil /criminal law, rules /procedures and practices in vogue, to bring it in line with socio -cultural -religious requirements of Pakistan”,Farasat Latif first Chairman of the “Think Tank Pakistan London” told APP.

He said that in accordance with the government’s policy,it was meant to provide swift justice (adal o insaf) to all and sundry in an affordable manner.

Farasat Latif further explained that Think Tank Pakistan (London) was not a political/religious/ethnic entity and it was only a think tank, to suggest improvements in “our system,in line with the Islamic ideology of Pakistan”.

About the Membership of the group/forum,he said that it was not restricted by color creed ,religion, or country,however approval by the Board was a must.”Citizenship of Pakistan was also a prerequisite for the membership” he added.

At present,he said that most of its members were based in Pakistan and London however some of them were based in USA, UK , Australia , Canada, Sweden and France.

Farasat Latif said that recommendations to amend Pakistan Penal code 1862 were already presented at the appropriate forum.

The draft, he said,in particular included Pakistan police services, writing/lodging of FIR ,amendments in functions of the lower judiciary, and the appointment of judges of lower and higher judiciary both.

He said, all recommendations of the forum will be drafted in light of the golden principles of Islam, the Holy Quran and the teachings of holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

“Our mission is to strive for cheap/affordable, fair and swift justice for all in Pakistan”, he remarked.

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