This is NOT a Hard Case: George Floyd Lawyer Ben Crump

Blacks Deserve Whole Justice

29th March 2021: As the trial of Derek Chauvin went underway, the lawyers representing George Floyd, the family, and Al Sharpton, Civil Rights Activist, participated in a live press conference.

“This is a landmark trial to see how far America has come in its quest for equality”, Ben Crump said.

“This case will be prima facie evidence whether America will live up to the Declaration of Independence and whether the words:

‘All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’

that everyone can quote, are also equally applicable to everyone”, he said.

“This trial is evidence for whether we really believe we hold these truths to be self evident and whether when we say all men are created equal, we mean black people too.”

“It is said this is such a difficult and hard trial. If he had been a White American citizen who suffered such a painful death, with a police officer kneeling on his neck, NO ONE would say this was a hard case.”

“They will try to say he had a trace amount of drugs in his system. You let them know that he was living, breathing, walking and talking just fine, and for the police to put him face down, handcuff him and place a knee on his neck for 8 mins 46 seconds… This case is not hard when you watch the torture video.. It is not hard when you watch the video… Even under the Geneva Convention, this was torture and Derek Chaubin should be held criminally liable.”


“We the civil lawyers and family got civil justuce under the 7th amendment with a historic 20 million dollar settlement commendation and important policy reform. We also deserve to get criminal justice. Like all Americans, blacks also deserve whole justice.”

“We expect character assassination of George Floyd after the assassination of his person. I learnt in law school that if you have the facts in the favour, state the facts, but if you don’t then attack your opponent’c character, so we expect this. Please do not let that distract you from the facts. This is the cruellest murder of a citizen by a police officer, watched by 50 million on YouTube and so many more on live television.”

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