Thousands Fish Die Due to Culprits Mixing Poison in Rawal Dam

Islamabad, 12th July: Thousand of fish were found dead in Rawal Dam once again due to toxic substances in water. The inner sources stated that this was the 7th incident when unidentified persons had thrown some sort of toxic substances in the water, which caused the death of fishes.
Both Islamabad District Administration and Federal Police have badly failed to control such horrific incident. Source stated that mafia allegedly throw toxic substances in water after failing to get fish catching contract. The maximum water of dam now has turned into substandard water.
Number of cases of throwing toxic substances in water had been registered in police stations secretariat and Bani Gala. The secretariat police had also conducted the forensic of water which declare water substandard. Police has so far failed to arrest the culprits despite clear evidences.
Sources further revealed that the contractor who wanted to get fish catching contact has also given extortion to secretariat and Bani Gala police.
The administration had collected water and dead fish samples from the Rawal Lake, which was allegedly poisoned. The alleged poisoning has also alarmed citizens who consume water from the reservoir.

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