Thousands of Jordanians crash across the Palestinian border to show solidarity

Lahore, 14th May: History is in the making. Thousands of Jordanians cross the border and enter Palestine.

According to the latest reports, several citizens from Jordan, Israel’s western neighbor move towards the border on Friday and march in Palestine to show their support.

Thousands of Jordanians succeed in entering the country crashing the security barreled iron placed at the border for the first time.

As per reports, in solidarity with Palestine, Jordanians were chanting slogans and waving Palestinian flags, as their riot police guards surrounded them.

Videos are being shared on social media showing Jordanians saying, “We are here. Either we go down, or they will have to carry us back.”

Some cried, “To Palestine, to Palestine. We are going to Palestine. We are going in millions as martyrs to Palestine.”

The citizens from Jordan arrived in buses and cars and called on their government to open the border, where the security has been stepped up after the recent escalation between Israel and Gaza.

Earlier, reports have been pouring in that Jordanians were protesting near the Israeli Embassy in Amman for the past several days. Protestors have demanded their government to expel the Israeli ambassador from their country.

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