Three Children Die by Drinking Cold Drink at a Wedding

Pakpattan (24th July, 2019): Three children have allegedly passed away by drinking “fake” cold drink at a wedding while a fourth child is reportedly under treatment.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, three children ave passed away by drinking a “fake” cold drinks in a wedding ceremony, while a fourth child is currently undergoing treatment as the Sahiwal Hospital. Her condition is reportedly  critical.

Reports have confirmed that four girls were reported critical after drinking cold drinks in a wedding ceremony in a village near Arifwala. They were shifted to a nearby hospital for treatment where three girls have reportedly expired with the fourth currently undergoing treatment.

The girls who have passed away have been confirmed to be six year old Mariha, five year old Fatima and five year old Meesha. While Saira, who is also six years old is currently under treatment at the Sahiwal District Hospital.

Reports have confirmed that the shopkeeper responsible for selling the fake drinks has allegedly escaped with has family while the Punjab Food Authority has seized the soft drinks from the shop to obtain samples. Moreover, Deputy Commissioner of Pakpattan, Ahmad Kamal, has taken notice of the incident. He has reportedly sought reports from the respective department.


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