Three year old Elijah LaFrance dies as a result of rampant gun violence in the US: Florida

Miami, April 28 2021: A three year old boy was shot as a result of gun violence in a Miami suburb in Florida on Tuesday.

The toddler, Elijah LaFrance was celebrating his birthday with his friends in his house when he was shot by a stray bullet from unknown subjects armed with various semi-automatic weapons which included rifles. He was rushed to the emergency room but later succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. The incident happened as the family was clearing up the yard after the party.

The Miami-Dade police arrived as a result of an alert from a ShotSpotter system, a technology that listens for gunshots and is installed in neighborhoods of nearly 100 American cities. The police are now investigating the murder and authorities have offered a reward of $15000 for information leading to arrest of a suspect in the shooting case.

The victim, Elijah would have turned 4 in a few days and was celebrating the milestone early with his friends. Videos from the party show the children playing in the pool surrounded by balloons. The violence also resulted in a 21-year-old woman being shot in the incident as well.

The evidence team recovered 60 bullet casings in and around the area. The Miami-Dade County Police Department Chief, Alfredo Ramirez III said he was devastated and disgusted and that he vowed to invest every possible resource into solving the crime.

In a country where firearms are common and the right to bear arms is a hotly contested and deeply divisive issue amongst lawmakers, toddlers and children have regularly been victims of random gun violence.

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