Thrill seeker & “Likes” Seekers on Social Media can reinvent anything & in any form – Curse of Social Media

Last 24 hours, some renowned persons posted a video on Twitter about a Pakistan Navy Ship PNS Babur ramming an Indian ship giving impression, as if it happened recently. It was a very irresponsible share. It might reflect that while world is fighting against Corona, Pakistan Navy Ships are ramming Indian Ships. Not everyone in the world, might read clarification & will carry impression of aggression by Pakistan in the middle of Corona crisis.

If we want to have the impression of a responsible nation, we should be careful with our posts on social media.

To keep the record straight, let’s read the history of this incident. The incident happened years ago but got reinvented by social media in search of thrill & likes.

This is an old video of 2011 or 2014. It’s a daring encounter of Indian Navy Ship INS Gudavari by Pakistan Navy Ship PNS BABUR led by Captain Azhar Naeem. It happened when a merchant ship which was hijacked by Somali pirates with 11 Indian and 5 Pakistani crew!!

The Merchant Ship’s Captain sent a SoS. PNS Babur answered the call, PNS Babur approached the area, boarded its team on merchant ship as pirates had run away after seeing PNS Babur & her helicopter.

Meanwhile Indians too had dispatched Indian Navy Ship INS Gudavari to the same area.

During the return journey of PNS Babur to Karachi. INS Gudavari intercepted PNS Babur, and argued with Captain PNS Babur to handover the merchant ship as it had Indian crew!! As per rules, Commanding Officer PNS Babur was the scene of Action Commander, thus told Indians to just get off but Indian continued sailing very close-by.

Commanding Officer PNS Babur decided to teach them a lesson and Captain Azhar brought Babur into close quarters and to utmost surprise of Indian captain, hit her with very good speed damaging Indian ships two decks and some equipment onboard.

Captain Azhar’s target was toppling the helicopter on the Indian Ship as sea state was around 5, however, being over 3800 tons INS Gudavari was far more stable than what Captain Azher Naeem thought, but not before giving Indian ship a permanent black scar both on the ship and Indian Navy. This video was recorded by Indian sailors on Indian ship. despite the fact, video became a display of courage shown by Pakistani ship. Indian Navy is 8 to 9 times larger than Pakistan Navy, but not in courage.

Pakistan Navy Zindabad

Captain Azhar Naeem Zindabad

Pakistan Zindabad.

However, the sad part of story was, despite widespread welcome at Karachi port, Captain Azhar later got superseded for promotion probably due to this action. The day he got superseded, he resigned and left the service. It also reflects discipline & rule of law in Pakistan Navy.

According to Training officer of Captain Azhar, he was a highly refined officer with great courage to withstand a storm; Navy indeed lost a great leader in him far too early!

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