Throwing Corona Caution to the Sea Wind

Brits beat the heat at the beach

Baaghi TV: British citizens tired of the heat also demonstrated some Pakistani spirit. Thousands have taken to the coastline with total disregard for social distancing and corona SOPs. Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock had warned in his statement on Thursday night that if those visiting the country’s beaches especially those of South England, continue to turn up without masks and maintaining a minimum social distance of 2 metres, the government will be forced to shut down those beaches. This statement came after watching video clips and pictures of nearly 500,000 people on the beach at Bournemouth in Dorset County, South England.

According to the minister, this dangerous gathering on beaches can ruin the government’s plan to open restaurants, shops, hotels and other public areas. There has been planning for opening these areas on 4th July.

British Prime  Minister Boris Johnson had warned citizens on Wednesday that they should show no laxity in fighting the corona virus. He said the government is adding a large number of doctors and health workers to the widely approved welfare organisation, the National Health Service (NHS).

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