Tik Tok Star Janat Mirza responds to rumours about her engagement

Faisalabad, June 2, 2021: Pakistan’s most famous Tik Tok star and emerging actress Janat Mirza has finally admitted to having an understanding with Umar Butt and said that the official engagement ceremony has not taken place yet.

According to a report by private TV ARY News, after the news of the engagement went viral on social media, Janat Mirza in an interview to a private news agency said, “I got a call from someone and they told me Jannat are you engaged? So I said no, then they told me the news of your engagement was going on on the news channel.

“I was shocked when I saw the news of my engagement on the news channel,” she said, confirming that “Alhamdulillah!” Omar Butt and I have an understanding but no formal engagement ceremony has taken place yet. Janat Mirza said that when Allah Almighty wills, I and Umar Butt will also get engaged and I will share this good news with everyone. On the 22nd of last month, on Instagram, Janat Mirza shared a photo with his close friend and tik tok star Umar Butt and wrote, “We are not engaged, she said, ‘When I get engaged, fans must I will tell you, there is no such thing at the moment.

Remember that Janat Mirza is the first Pakistani Tik Tok star to have more than 15 million followers with video sharing application Tik Tok. Janat Mirza’s account has also been followed by a large number of users on Instagram. She has 2.1 million followers and more than a thousand posts on Instagram, including her charming photos and tick-tock videos.

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