TikTok Banned: Is it justified or not?


Lahore, 9th October: The government has decided to shut down TikTok in Pakistan and the decision to ban TikTok has been implemented from today.

It has been decided to close the most popular social media app TikTok in Pakistan after the report of immoral and obscene content on it. Reportedly, despite the warning from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the app failed to filter the indecent content, hence it got banned in Pakistan.

The TikTok app needed to be banned or not is a long debate, as it had its pros and cons, but keeping in view the vulgarity it was spreading and making it a norm for our youngsters, its good that it got closed down.

Government to take down TikTok

The decision has been taken late but nonetheless, it has been imposed and should be there to last.

TikTok was becoming a fast trend in creating immoral substance by our youth. Easy fame was what they wanted and was fast achieving through TikTok.

There was always something non-sensical to see on the app and people were following it blindly. Rather than using the app for better purposes, it was lacking in creativity and what to talk of lack of decency in it.

A dangerous TikTok trend needs to end!

Last time when I opened my TikTok app, it was full of pointless dances by so many youngsters. Everyone here portrays himself as a hero doing nothing and just dancing around or mimicking others.

TikTok became famous more after people starting making fun of others, be it a husband-wife joke, parent-children joke, but people lately got fed up of it.

Negativity shown in our Dramas should be put to an end!

TikTok also became popular after girls of all ages started showing their dancing skills openly and without any regard for their families. It would not be wrong to mention here that TikTok became a platform for dance and vulgarity.

It had recently started promoting gay and extramarital relations more rather than providing the audience with a light and enjoyable substance.

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There may be some creative people on TikTok but in general, I was observing people becoming famous without doing anything substantial. Girls with full makeup on, hair dyed in blonde colour was what that was getting them instant fame among masses.

In short, TikTok had lost the element of fun in it, hence it needed to be shut down unless it is used in a better way in future!

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