Tim Cook hints at Apple’s plans for self-driving cars

US appeals court halts antitrust orders against Apple App Store

San Francisco, April 6 2021: Self driving cars would be an ideal addition to the product portfolio of Apple according to its CEO Tim Cook.

There has long been talk of an autonomous vehicle bearing the Apple brand. The technology giant remains tight-lipped about the actual plans however.

“An autonomous car is a robot and so there are a lots of things you can do with autonomy; we will see what Apple does,” Cook said during a podcast. Talking about Apple’s Project Titan, he said integrating hardware, software and services was Apple’s core strength and so autonomous vehicles weren’t a far fetched idea.

During the podcast, he also expressed admiration for electric car maker Tesla, which is among companies developing autonomous driving capabilities in vehicles. “Tesla has done an unbelievable job of not only establishing the lead but keeping the lead for such a long period of time in the electric vehicle space,” Cook said.

In February, Japanese auto maker Nissan and South Korea-based Hyundai denied reports of potential alliances with Apple on. Details of Project Titan have been kept under wraps by Apple.

Apple first revealed its self-driving tech aspirations in 2016 and Cook has since then said he saw autonomous driving systems as a “core technology” for the future.

The podcast also touched on the topic of Apple’s clash with Facebook and Fortnite video game maker Epic about its tight control of the App Store. US regulators are looking into whether Apple’s control of the App Store, where it gets a commission on transactions, is an abuse of power since the shop is the sole venue for digital content for its mobile devices.

The company continues to defend its control of the App Store as integral to protecting users from hackers, snooping, and other dangers. “I think it’s hard to argue that the App Store is not an economic miracle,” Cook said. He said Apple has helped the economy by generating trillions of dollars and takes only a small part of what it helps to create.

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