Tips to Help Prevent a Gas Explosion

What happens when a family comes home after midnight to find the smell of gas scattered across the house? The man immediately surveys the kitchen to see if the smell of gas is stronger there. In his subconscious mind he turns on the light when the kitchen explodes.

Resulting in the husbands immediate death while the wife is shifted to the intensive care unit.

Upon investigation it is inferred that the gas pipe explosion is more deadly than a bomb blast. The furniture was see nearly 200 meters away from the house.

Some basic lessons to be learned from this accident include:

Firstly, before you turn on any lights, open all doors and windows calmly, so as to avoid unnecessary sparking.

Secondly, close off the gas tube and wait for the smell to subside.

Thirdly, Do not open the refrigerator till the smell of gas completely diminishes. This is important because it can cause an explosion as well.

Lastly, do not turn on the exhaust/suction fan(s) because it is an electric device which too can result in sparking.


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