To stand with Palestine is to stand with humanity

Clearly, there has to be a change in the US policy and the policy of the EU to guarantee the protection of the rights of the Palestinians. The merciless killing and a barrage of the bombings in Gaza is heart-rending.

Destruction of the residences and now almost the entire city on part of the two conflicting sides is annihilated, which is abominable. The upsurge and loss of the lives of some of the most innocent people are unpardonable on any account.

The overall loss of human lives the world over is a matter of great concern. As humans, we must ramp up our collective effort and reach out to those in this dire moment of acute need.

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The targeted bombing and destruction of the media houses by the Israelis in Gaza is regretted and condemned largely by the masses.

This is perhaps a man’s undeniable and inviolable right to live.

This right of the powerless may be guarded by champions of democracy, was upheld by the principal author of the declaration of independence, Thomas Jefferson. All men are born equal. By that definition, all men have a right to movement, freedom of speech, in short, a right to life which encompasses all factors leading to a man’s social well-being.

The champions of democracy must come forward to settle these issues and the simmering tensions that have been going on for decades between the warring sides on an end. Time for introspection.

The definition of leadership is changed it has converged into somebody who transforms into a real leader and for that matter speaks also of the good of the people living beyond the borders of his own country.

Angela Merkel is undoubtedly an international leader for she volunteered to settle one million migrants in her country. Deservedly so the best among her equals.

The Muslim community which may be sizeable no population-wise must agree in principle to alleviate the sufferings of these hapless wanderers seeking help and justice looking up to the sky and gazing in wonderment.

Certainly, we miss the erstwhile dynamic leaders of the Muslim countries who would have risen to the occasion to mitigate the sufferings of their brethren.

The world powers are callous wherein so much blood has been spilled before them. The oppressed are bereft who have weathered a storm incessantly and the ongoing reign of terror in Subsaharan Africa.

Their resources being drained by the rich foreign corporations. No economic labor justice for the laborers.

The disasters, the pandemic, the floods, the earthquakes are only a reminder of the fragility of life. God has his own grand plans. He is mighty and wise. Enough signs for us to revert to Allah.

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