Top 3 Netflix Movies of 2020

28th June: 2020 has brought even more attention to movies and TV shows, as everyone has found entertainment through this form of media in these difficult times.

Netflix has brought forth many new and original projects to their platform and although not all have been super amazing, we would like to highlight the top 3 original Netflix movies of 2020 so far:

1. Da 5 Bloods:

Spike Lee has brought forth this extremely stirring and moving Vietnam War drama movie to the forefront. The Oscar-winning filmmaker has beautifully depicted the story of four black Vietnam War veterans who return to Vietnam in order to recover the body of their fallen squad leader and some gold they had left behind.

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The movie tackles the topic of racial tensions between the US and Vietnam, whilst also highlighting the racial tensions between the US and the Black soldiers who fought for their country only to return to their country and find out they had more wars to fight. This is a film that deals with these issues very bluntly and has not held back in bringing these issues to the forefront. It showcases all aspects of humanity in a very realistic way, hence making it such an amazing movie.

2. The Platform:

This tremendous Spanish genre film, directed by Galder Gaztela-Urrutia, takes place in a dystopian future. It showcases the story of people living in a prison shaped like a tower, each morning a table full of food is prepared for the prisoners and moves down from one level to another, with the cellmates having only a limited time to eat as much as they want.

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However, as it moves from level 1 to 60 or 70, all that is left is crumbs, which means that the lower your level, the more likely you are to starve unless you choose to eat your cellmate. Every 30 days, the prisoners are randomly assigned new levels; hence their odds of survival change every month. This movie highlights the vitality of working together, this movie is strangely very appropriate for our current situation as it talks about class warfare and how the only way to survive is if everybody helps each other.

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3. The Half of It:

This movie, written and directed by Alice Wu, is a beautiful movie showcasing something deeper than the surface love story. This pensive, touching, heartwarming movie talks about three teenagers in search of their identity and first love.

This is not the typical teenage love triangle movie and does not feel cheap or exploitative. This beautifully directed, amazingly shot, and an expertly paced movie is a knockout self-aware, bittersweet teen romance movie, with characters you cannot help but appreciate.

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