Top 5 Most Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan That You Must Visit

Top 5 Most Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan That You Must Visit #Baaghi

Pakistan is very popular in the world of tourism due to its natural beauty and millions of tourists from home and abroad come to see the northern regions of the country.

If you plan to travel somewhere this year, travel to your home country before going abroad and try new things. To help you in this regard, we have compiled a list where you can find out which places in Pakistan you can make an unforgettable experience a part of your life.

The uniqueness of this list is that it revolves around the most beautiful lakes of Pakistan.

1. Saif-ul-Muluk Lake

The most famous and beautiful lake of Mansehra district is Saif-ul-Muluk, which is famous here because of a legendary story, the story of a Persian prince and a fairy. Lake Saif al-Muluk is located in the northern part of the Kaghan Valley, at an altitude of about 3,244 meters above sea level.

Top 5 Most Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan That You Must Visit

Lake Saif-ul-Muluk in winters

If you go and see this lake in winter, you will have a very unique experience because compared to summer, people are not there in this season while there is an opportunity to see a unique style of beauty.

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Top 5 Most Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan That You Must Visit

Lake Saif-ul-Muluk in summers

2. Dudipatsar Lake

Dudipatsar Lake is located at an altitude of 4,175 meters in the extreme north of the Kaghan Valley and can be reached in a four-hour drive from the Jalkhad area of ​​Naran. In the local language, Dudipatsar means milky white water, however, the color of the lake is not white but blue. In fact, the reflection in the water of the adjacent snow-capped mountains makes it look like a milk canal from afar, and possibly for this reason it has been named Dudipatsar Lake.

Dudipatsar Lake in summers

The area enchants tourists to set up their tents and enjoy the natural beauty and solitude. Lake Dudipatsar is a lake surrounded by beautiful snow-capped peaks, however, getting there is a very difficult and arduous task. It is possible to reach this lake by walking for at least seven to twelve hours in extremely difficult gorges, which is related to seeing the pastures and green water around the lake.

Top 5 Most Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan That You Must Visit

Dudipatsar Lake in winters

3. Lulusar Lake

Lulusar Lake is located at a distance of 350 kilometers from Mansehra at an altitude of 3,353 m on Naran-Chilas Road. The lake is located at an hour’s drive from the town of Naran on the border of Kaghan Valley and Kohistan. Every year a large number of birds and tourists from Russia come to this lake.

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Top 5 Most Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan That You Must Visit

Lulusar Lake in summers

Lulusar is actually the name of a combination of high hills and lakes, tourists who come to Naran must come to see Lulusar Lake and this lake is the main source of water in the River Kunhar. The water of the lake is as clear as glass and the reflection of the snow-capped mountains of Lulusar captivates the viewers when they see the clear water of the lake. It is a sight to behold.

Lulusar Lake in winters

4. Sheosar Lake

Sheosar Lake, which is about 2.3 kilometres (1.4 mi) long, 1.8 kilometres (1.1 mi) wide and 40 metres (130 ft) deep approximately, is located in the Deosai National Park (towards Chilam Chauki side) in Gilgit-Baltistan. At an elevation of 4,142 metres (13,589 ft) in the Karakoram-West Tibetan Plateau alpine steppe, it is said to be one of the highest lakes in the world. With its deep blue waters, snow-capped mountains, lush grass and colorful flowers, this lake is unique in its beauty.


Top 5 Most Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan That You Must Visit

Sheosar Lake in summers

The lake is accessible through two routes – via Skardu and via Astore District. It takes around two days time to reach the lake via Skardu, if trekked, however, the distance can be covered by jeep in few hours. On the other hand, it takes round 4 hours’ jeep travel from main Astore town. The area of Deosai is snow bound between the months of November to May. During spring, the surrounding area is covered with wide variety of flowers and butterflies. Most visitors come to the lake are in summer between June to early September.

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Sheosar Lake in winters

5. Lake Attabad

Lake Attabad, which was formed following a massive landslide in 2010, is one of the largest freshwater reservoirs. The water of this lake, which is 22 km long and 220 feet deep, has stagnated in a narrow mountain pass due to the stagnation of the Hunza River, which is formed by melting of the Karakoram glaciers.

Top 5 Most Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan That You Must Visit

Lake Attabad in summers

The turquoise water of the lake, at the signal of strong winds blowing in the narrow pass, creates waves on the surface of the water in a very attractive way. The lake has flooded more than 18km of the Karakoram Highway, paralyzing traffic. Now the only way to reach the village of Husseini is through crossing the lake by boat.

Lake Attabad in winters

Pakistan is a beautiful country full of natural beauty and all the areas here have their own unique geographical features and beauty.

Now that it is summer and the holidays too, many people plan to spend time at leisure places. That is why today we told you about the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan where spending time can make your vacation very memorable and wonderful.

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