Top 6 beautiful faces of the year 2020


30th September: All the girls are beautiful in their own way, but some faces make lasting impressions.

There is a list of the top 6 most beautiful women in the world, which are ranked on the basis of their looks and are from different places in the world.

The list which is based on internet poll and searches is originally compiled by the international website FillGap.News:

6. Nana Im-Jin-Ah:

She is a South Korean singer who is not only known for her mindblowing looks and music but has also been a very popular face in various Chinese films as well. She is known as South Korea’s most beautiful woman known for her cute innocent looks that attract many of her fans.

5. Liza Soberano:

Many of the world’s most beautiful women are from the Philippines, but Liza is ranked as the most beautiful amongst them. She is a Filipino-American actress and model and is known for the face of Maybelline. She has constantly been ranked highly in the world’s top 100 most beautiful faces in the previous years.

4. Yael Shelbia:

Yael Shelbia is an Orthodox Jewish girl. Born in Nahariya, Israel, she studies at a religious Ulpana. She used to upload selfies of herself on Instagram where she got noticed for her beauty by professional photographer Marina Moskowitz and started her career as a model.

3. Tzuyu:

Tzuyu is a Taiwanese singer based in South Korea. She is a member of the K-pop girl group TZUYU. She was born in Tanin Taiwan but later moved to South Korea after which she appeared in a reality show in 2015.

2. Hande Ercel:

Hande Ercel is a famous Turkish actress and model who is extremely talented in her work, infact she is often referred to as the best Turkish actress. She has been in the industry for 7 years now as she started in 2013. She is also a fashion designer now at age 27.

1. Thylane Blondeau:

Thylane Blondeau has once again crowned herself with the title of the most beautiful girl in the world. She was crowned with this title even when she was 6 and now at age 19, she has topped the list again. The gorgeous teen is a model, actress, entrepreneur and fashion designer. She is the daughter of French footballer Patrick Blondeau, and actress Veronika Loubry.


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