Trade relations between China, Afghanistan to improve: Ambassador Yu

According to reports of Baaghi TV, Wang Yu, China’s ambassador to Kabul, says trade with Afghanistan will now increase.

Chinese Ambassador Wang Yu said that the coronavirus had damaged trade between Afghanistan and China, however, it is now hoped that trade between the two countries would increase. Afghanistan is an important neighbor of China, and the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan has always sought to strengthen the friendship between the two states. Although economic and trade relations between the two have been affected by Covid-19, it is now hoped that there will be improvements.

The Chinese Ambassador added that Afghanistan has exported more than 3,000 tons of peanuts to China through the air corridor in a short period of time, valued at more than 5 million. Since the outbreak of corona in Afghanistan, China has been supplying oxygen generators, kodak kits, and corona vaccines to Afghanistan. China will now work to rebuild infrastructure in Afghanistan which has reaped the initial benefits of the One Belt and One Road project to date.

According to Wang Yu, Afghans have gone through many wars and now have high hopes for peace. He added that China respects Afghanistan’s national sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.

It should be noted that the Taliban has complete control over Kabul. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid gave an important message to the world and the Afghan nation in a press conference: Life in Kabul is normal. Educational institutions and markets are open. The Taliban have changed this time around, and have allowed the women to work, who are continuing to visit offices.

According to a report from Baaghi TV’s correspondent in Kabul, there is no obstruction from the Taliban who collected weapons from civilians, yesterday. The Taliban have reiterated that security is their responsibility. They have also visited various locations, including radio and TV offices, and spoken to the employees.

The Afghan Taliban are constantly sending messages to the citizens to continue their work as usual. On the other hand, the Taliban is also being welcomed by Afghan citizens, who consider themselves safe despite the Taliban takeover.

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