Traitor Altaf Hussain Announces Sindhu Desh

London: According to sources, the traitor of Pakistan Chairman MQM Altaf Hussain who has taken asylum in England, has once again announced his demand to separate Sindh from Pakistan, and has also sought help in this regard from the United Nations General Secretary.

According to Baaghi TV, Altaf Hussain who has taken asylum in England and since day one has been plotting against Pakistan, has in this latest event tried to reassure the anti-Pakistan forces by demanding the separation of Sindh from Pakistan and calling it Sindhu Desh, via a video message.

In the one hour and twenty seven minute video message that was given from London on 11th June, he has spewed venom against the Pakistan Army. He has said that he requests the General Secretary of the United Nations that he should help them in the declaration of Sindh as Sindhu Desh.

It should be noted that previously the founder of MQM has also appealed to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to provide asylum to him and his supporters. He said that since his ancestors belonged to modern-day India, he should be given protection in India.

Chairman MQM Altaf Hussain has in the past many times appealed to India for help.

In 2015 he along with India had appealed to United Nations and NATO for help, at which the then government had responded categorically.

It should be remembered that there are confirmed reports that Altaf Hussain has kept statues in his London Secretariat and also prepared for idol worship there. In order to win popularity in India Founder MQM Altaf Hussain has made a manor decision regarding his religion. In reference to this anchor Nadia Mirza has reported that he has kept statues in MQM London Secretariat and arranged for idol worship in order to convince India of his change in religion. According to details there has been a major revelation from popular anchorperson Nadia Mirza.

Nadia Mirza has revealed that Altaf Hussain has crossed all bounds in his determination to sell his state and get citizenship and favour of India. Nadia Mirza said that a newspaper has reported his conversion to the Hindu faith, in order to please India. When she contacted the editor of the paper he confirmed it also mentioned further staggering details.

It has been said that Altaf Hussain’s chances of going to jail in England are clear. In this situation he wants to get the citizenship of India at any cost. He is in touch with Indian officials and daily gives statements against Pakistan and in favour of India. However when the Indian officials informed him that now no Muslim would be allowed to get citizenship of India, he decided to convert to Hinduism. It was said that he acquired statues and organised worship while announcing formally that he has changed his religion.

Altaf Hussain has once again made a speech against the State of Pakistan and its institutions. Once again the Founder MQM Altaf Hussain crossed all bounds in his enmity for the state and delivered a speech full of venom against it, while trying to hoodwink the public and threatening the breaking up of the country.

Apart from this, he said about former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that he is following in my footsteps and about Maryam Nawaz that she is my sister.

Altaf Hussain has been living in self-imposed exile in London since the 1990s. During this time he has also got British citizenship. The London Metropolitan Police has said in a statement a person has been arrested on Tuesday, for the investigation of a speech made on 11th June, and this person associated with the Mutahhida Qaumi Movement in Pakistan, made these speeches. However, London police has not named Altaf Hussain in its statement. The statement further said that the person is in his 60s and has been arrested from an area in NorthWestern London. He has been arrested for violating Section 44 of Serious Crimes Act 2007, and wilful encouragement of crimes, or supporting them. The statement further said that he has been arrested under the PACE Act (Police And Criminal Evidence Act) 1984. He has been transferred to a police station in South London where he is currently under arrest. The police further said that while investigating his objectionable speeches they have also remained in touch with Pakistani officials. London Metropolitan Police officials also visited Islamabad in April this year for investigating a provocative speech made by him in 2016, and interviewed some eye witnesses.

Cases of treason had been filed in multiple cities of Pakistan against Altaf Hussain for a speech made on 22nd August 2016. Three similar cases against him are being heard in the Anti-Terrorism Court. The court had directed the government to issue a red warrant against him. Pakistan’s Ministry of Interior had sent the red warrant to International Criminal Police Organisation (InterPol). The founder of MQM is wanted in cases of terrorism, incitement of violence, extreme treason, and various others.

After the above-mentioned provocative speech, FIRs had been registered in his name in Karachi, Quetta, and Gilgit-Baltistan, and cases on the basis of these reports are ongoing in the Anti-Terrorism Court. These courts have already issued non-bailable warrants for Altaf Hussain.

It should be remembered that since 1992 Altaf Hussain is residing in London, where he fled after the military operation to end bloodshed on the basis of ethnicity in Karachi during Nawaz Sharif’s first term as Prime Minister. He acquired British citizenship in 2002. He has also been investigated in London for killing MQM founding member Dr Imran Farooq, as well as money-laundering. However, the Scotland Yard had closed the money-laundering case against Altaf Hussain on 13th October 2016. London Metropolitan Police had also closed cases of money-laundering against MQM senior leader Muhammad Anwar and a businessman Sarfraz Marchant, on the count of not enough evidence being found.

London Metropolitan Police started the money-laundering investigation against Altaf Hussain in July 2013 and arrested him in this regard for the first time on 3rd June 2014. However he had been transferred to Wellington Hospital due to worsening health, and then released on bail after questioning of 9 hours at the police station. After that his bail was extended five times.

It should be remembered that the police had conducted a raid at his property on Edgware Road in 2012 and 2013, from where ready cash of more than £500,000 and some sensitive documents were recovered. According to ex-Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, they included documents related to the buying of advanced weapons.

It may be remembered that a few days ago, the Anti-Terrorism Court in Islamabad announced in the Dr Imran Farooq murder case, life imprisonments for three criminals, Moazzam Ali, Syed Mohsin Ali, and Khalid Shamim, and compensation of 10 lacs each to the family. The court has issued permanent warrants for Altaf Hussain and other accused including Iftikhar Hussain, Muhammad Anwar and Kashif Kamran. During the hearing all three accused heard the decision from Adiala Jail via video-link. The court announced life imprisonment for all three for conspiracy to murder, aiding, and abetting. Judge Shahrukh Arjumand declared while announcing the decision secured on 21st May that the prosecution has proved its case against the accused. In the 39 page written judgment the court said that it has been proven that the order to kill Dr Imran Farooq was issued by Altaf Hussain. Two senior leaders of MQM London conveyed the decision to Pakistan. Moazzam Ali selected Mohsin Ali and Kashif Kamran from the MQM headquarters Nine-Zero. Mohsin and Kashif were taken to London and greatly helped in the murder.

The purpose for killing Imran Farooq was to spread fear amongst the public and give the statement that no one should dare to speak up against Imran Farooq. The Imran Farooq murder case fulfils the criteria for an anti-terrorism case and the perpetrators are deserving of capital punishment but it is not being given due to evidence not arriving from England. The Pakistan government during the trial assured the British government that even in the event of crime being proven, capital punishment would not be given which made it possible for the case to go on with the legal cooperation of Britain.

The travel history, mobile phone data, and finger-print reports of the accused and the death certificate of the victim, and post-mortem report, were included in the evidence for the case. It should be remembered that Dr Imran Farooq was killed on 16th September 2010 after which the FIA registered the case for his murder in Pakistan on 5th December 2015. Three of the accused Khalid Shameem, Mohsin Ali and Moazzam Ali were arrested and charged for murder, conspiracy to murder , and aiding and abetting the crime.

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