Trans model Kami Sid calls out at Iman Aly for using the word ‘Khusra’

Lahore, 10th June: Pakistan’s first transgender model and artist Kami Sid has reacted strongly to Iman Aly’s statement calling herself a ‘Khusra’ (transgender).

Baaghi TV: A couple of days ago, actress-model Iman Aly appeared on Vasay Chaudhry’s program ‘Ghabrana Mana Hai’ where she expressed her apprehensions regarding her appearance.

She said that she doesn’t find herself beautiful or attractive despite people telling her so. She laughed off her insecurities about her appearance and called herself transgender.

However, this statement of hers did not go well with the trans community of the country.

While social media users criticized Iman Aly’s statement, Pakistan’s trans artist Kami Sid also reacted strongly.

In a message released on her Instagram Story, Kami Sid told Iman Aly that there is no harm in being a Khusra/Khuwaja Sara/Transgender because we too are creatures of Allah Almighty.

Model Sid lashed out at the actress and wrote, “Don’t you think being khusra as normal as you live your life as a woman.”

She added, “I still don’t understand why people use the word ‘khusra’ as a derogatory term.”

She ended by saying that for God’s sake we all need to change our mindset about other communities and their sentiments.

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