Transgenders stage protest demo against police torture, sexual abuse



Lahore: Hundreds of transgenders Monday staged protest demonstration against the Iqbal Town police for being tortured and sexually abused by the police officials.

“We are being tortured, sexually abused after being arrested by the Iqbal Town Police for the during week. We are captured from the traffic signal as we beg to earn livelyhood but the police after arresting us not only torture but also abuse sexually and mentally, ” Nila Rana, Nosi Jaan and other transgenders told Baaghi TV.
The transgenders were rasing slogans holding banners, placecades while a good number of police personnels was also present.
They said that they are being exploited sexually after being arrested and the Punjab government, IG Punjab and the civil society should take notice of the situation.

They said that they don’t willfully go for baggry but are forced to do to make both ends meet.
“We are not being employed despites repeated pledges of the government and thus we have to opt for baggry on roads and signals, ” they added

They demanded that they should be provided with the basic needs of life or should be allowed to spend their lives in their ways.

On the occasion, Chairpersons of Standing Committee on Gender Mainstreaming (Women Development) Provincial Assembly Punjab MPA Uzma Kardar said that the police has committed heinous crime against the transgenders.
“I am against the beggary but the situation is critical especially after Covid-19′ spread.
Marriage programs have been suspended due to which the trans community has to go for bagging on roads and signals,” she said, adding that they should be given stipends so they can spend their lives like the normal people.

She demanded that the Iqbal Town police officials who have tortured and sexually abused the members of the transgender community should immediately be brought to books.

Meanwhile, the the transgenders demanded dismissal of Iqbal Town Police official Imran Qamar and his aides who put them to bear electric-shocks.

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