Travellers from India banned to enter Pakistan via road and air

Lahore, 19th April: Travellers coming from the neighbouring country India have been banned to enter Pakistan.

According to Baaghi TV’s report, the National Command and Control Centre (NCOC) issued orders on Monday to put a ban on passengers coming from India owing to the increasing number of coronavirus cases there.

The decision was taken by the NCOC in a special meeting chaired by the Federal Minister for Planning and Development and NCOC head Asad Umar.

NCOC reported that India has been placed on the list of Category C for two weeks, a category of passengers who cannot travel to Pakistan.

The restriction has been placed on travellers coming from India via road and air.

It is to be noted that a new variant of the coronavirus is being reported from India, the studies on which are still underway.

NCOC will further review the countries placed on Category C in a meeting to be convened on April 21.

It is pertinent to mention here that a record rise in coronavirus infections of 273,810, with 15 million total cases across India was reported on Monday.

According to reports, 1619 new fatalities were reported on Monday in India, taking the country-wide death toll to 178,769.

As per the latest reports, the Indian capital New Delhi will be under a strict lockdown for six days starting on Monday night. There are reports of huge shortages of hospital beds, oxygen supplies and major medicines in the capital city.

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