Trilateral Dialogue Held to Reiterate Political Settlement of the Afghan Conflict

Islamabad (20th July, 2019): Fifth Round of the China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Practical Cooperation Dialogue held in Islamabad. 

According to Baaghi TV’s reports, the fifth round for the China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Practical Cooperation Dialogue held in Islamabad during which the three parties have reiterated their support for a political settlement of the Afghan conflict through and Afghan-led process.

Pakistan’s delegation reportedly led by Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri met with the delegations headed by Director General First Political Division, Musa Arefi from Afghanistan and Ambassador Wu Jianghao, Director General Asia Department of China, respectively.

he Fifth Round of the Dialogue helped delegations of the three states to discuss the implementation status of projects between Pakistan, Afghanistan and China with respect to the education, health, sports, capacity building and cultural aspects. The Trilateral Dialogue has enabled the delegations to reaffirm commitment to strengthening practical cooperation so as to achieve mutually beneficial goals of sustainable peace, development and prosperity.

Moreover, the delegations have further reiterated the need for political settlement by means of Afghan-led and Afghan-owned process. Afghanistan and China have further praised Pakistan for its role in the facilitation of peace in the region.


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