Trump claims ‘major fraud’ and announces court action

United States (US) President and Republican candidate for the elections, Donald Trump has baselessly claimed that the Democrats are trying to “steal” the election and alleged he could lose because of “major fraud”.

According to the details, Republican presidential candidate has announced to go to the Supreme Court after the sudden halt of the counting of votes, claiming that a group of “sad” opponents were trying to “disenfranchise” his supporters.

Addressing supporters outside the White House, Donald Trump said that this time the American people came out in large numbers to vote. We have won the key states of Florida, Ohio and Texas, erasing Biden’s hopes for a decisive early victory.

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“We’ve won in North Carolina, we’ve won in Pennsylvania, we’ve won 60 percent of the vote,” he said. We are also winning in Michigan, while counting is still going on in various states.

“We’re winning from a state we didn’t expect,” Trump said. The governor of Texas congratulated me on the victory but all of a sudden it stopped. It’s a fraud. We are winning and we will win. This is a big fraud on the part of the nation. As far as I’m concerned, we have won.

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The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden further increased his lead and won Maine with 3 Electoral Votes. Biden has so far won 238 electoral votes, while incumbent President Donald Trump has so far conquered 213 Electoral Votes.

The presidential candidate needs 270 electoral votes to run for the US presidency and be a guest of the White House. Trump is leading in 19 states and Democratic candidate Biden is leading in 16 states, while the results of 16 states are yet to come.

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