Trump has planned to assassinate many rulers of the world, renowned anchor claims


Washington: Trump has planned to assassinate not only Bashar al-Assad but also many other rulers of the world, anchor claims by a media group called The Week.

According to reports, the US president had decided to assassinate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for the past two or three days. There has been a lot of reaction to his statement.

According to sources, Trump said that his defense secretary became an obstacle in this plan. The US president’s statement regarding the plot to assassinate the Syrian president has also been strongly condemned.

According to sources, the producer of a Fox News program and well-known journalist James Rosen has revealed quoting George Kishner that the plot to assassinate Bashar al-Assad is a common thing. The US President has planned to assassinate any ruler of the world and this plan is on his table.

Leading The Week journalist said that the policy and strategy in this regard is on Trump’s table and he can make any decision.

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