Trump promises an extravagant gift to MBS on Israeli friendship

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump has promised Mohammed bin Salman that if he establishes relations with Israel, he will make him sit on the throne. A Saudi informer has revealed that US President Donald Trump has promised Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman that he will install him on the throne if he establishes relations with Israel.

According to IRIB News, Mujtahid, a well-known Saudi Twitter user who revealed the secrets of the Al Saud family, has claimed that the United States has promised Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that it will formally announce the resumption of relations with the usurping Zionist regime. He will then remove his father Shah Salman and help him ascend to the throne.

Mujtahid, a well-known Saudi citizen who revealed the secrets of the Al-Saud dynasty, wrote on his Twitter handle that Washington would intervene to persuade opponents of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to accept his monarchy.

It should be noted that after the efforts of the US President, last Thursday the United Arab Emirates betrayed the First Qibla of Jerusalem and signed an agreement to establish formal relations with the usurper Israel, after which the Islamic world, especially Palestine, There was a wave of outrage and everyone unanimously described the UAE’s move as a betrayal of the Palestinian cause.

Following the UAE-Israel peace deal, the Zionist regime’s Channel 13 announced that although Saudi Arabia has remained silent on the UAE-Israel relations agreement, it will soon establish relations with Israel before Bahrain and Oman.

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