Trump thinks ‘kidney has a special place in the heart’.

US President Donald Trump thinks kidney has a special place in the heart. He apparently has no idea where kidney is located in human body and how the human body system works.

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order on Wednesday aimed at incentivising in-home dialysis, encourage kidney donations, and prevent kidney decline in the first place.  He delivered a speech during the signing of executive order which seems at odd with the organs whereabouts.

“You’ve worked so hard on the kidney,” Trump said. He then added that “Very exceptionally. The kidney has a special place in my heart. It is an incredible thing,” which is most certainly not where it’s located.

Social media giant, twitter has been taken by a storm following the speech of Donald Trump and many are mocking US President Donald Trump for his sheer lack of knowledge about human body parts location.

Another person took on Trump’s speech and said, Trump has a kidney where normal humans have a heart.

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