Trump tightens visa rules for developing countries

The administration of President Donald Trump on Tuesday unveiled a tightening of visa rules for immigration and visit visas for developing countries.

According to the details, United States (US) will temporarily require visitors from Iran, Myanmar and a number of African nations to pay up to $15,000 in visa bonds in a new hardline immigration measure enacted late in Donald Trump’s presidency.

The rule took effect Tuesday for a duration of six months, although it remains to be seen if it will be maintained by President-elect Joe Biden, who takes office on January 20 and has promised to be more welcoming to the rest of the world.

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Visitors on “B” visas, which are issued for short-term business and tourism, will be asked to pay up to $15,000, which will be forfeited to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency if they do not prove that they have left on time.

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The rule will apply to citizens of 23 countries that, according to the declaration, have overstay rates of more than 10 percent.

Most of the countries are in Africa, including Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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