Truth Revealed: A Saudi Billionaire’s wedding to a Pakistani driver

Lahore, 3rd January: The truth behind the marriage of a billionaire Saudi woman to a Pakistani driver has been revealed.

For the last two days, social media is abuzz with the news of a marriage between a Saudi billionaire, Sahoo bint Abdullah Al-Mahboob, and her driver who hails from Pakistan.

The video of the couple exchanging wedding rings has gone viral on social media and many news websites have made headlines regarding the wealth of the Saudi woman, without verifying anything.

However, it has been revealed that Sahoo bint Abdullah Al-Mahboob, who apparently owns hotels in Mecca and Madina as per the rumours, is not a real person.

The viral post also claimed that her net worth was $8 bn and that she also owned properties in France and other countries.

A quick Google search shows that she is not a real person and her name doesn’t show up anywhere except the news websites and the Youtube videos that have been circulating for the past two days.
As per Saudi media, there were no reports of the wedding about a purported marriage between a driver and a billionaire.
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