Turkey calls on Pakistan for assistance?

ANKARA: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has summoned Pakistan Air Force pilots from Pakistan. According to reports, Erdogan has summoned Pakistan Air Force pilots from Pakistan. It has also been learned that Pakistan Air Force F-16 pilots will now fly Turkish Air Force F-16s.

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According to sources, there are some reports that Pakistan Air Force pilots are in great demand in the world at the moment. That is why Turkey, the brotherly Islamic country of Pakistan, has requested sending Pakistan Air Force pilots to Turkey. So, they can help in solving the problems facing the Turkish Air Force.

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According to sources, one of the reasons for this is that for the past several years, senior Turkish Air Force officers and pilots have retired after completing their tenure.

According to some sources, several pilots were forcibly removed from the Air Force during this period. The reason given is that the pilots appeared to be supporters of the anti-government movement.

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It is also learned that the problem of shortage of pilots in Turkey was faced prior to the 2016 military coup in Turkey. However, one reason for this is said to be that the Turkish president had enacted legislation to promote the private aviation industry due to which a large number of pilots left the military service and went to the private sector.

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It is said that there was a time when 251 pilots were forced to quit their jobs.

The same report claims that, according to the Air Force’s own report of 19 January 2016, the Army needs 554 new pilots, including 190 combat pilots, to reach its normal level. The departure had already brought the proportion of pilots in the aircraft to 0.65, which is dangerously low.

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As of January 2017, the country had a shortage of 1,154 military pilots, and it was difficult to meet such a large shortage. The number of pilots on the plane fell to 0.37, according to the Nordic Monitor.

Attempts by the government to recall some retired pilots or individuals from the private sector failed because it was financially irreversible for them.

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It is also learned that understanding the crisis could lead to a serious national security situation in Ankara. The country then turned to its ally Pakistan for training new pilots in a high-speed program, and asked the Pakistani government to send trainers for F-16s.

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Earlier, Turkey had sought approval from the United States to allow non-Turkish nationals to pilot F-16s, which was immediately rejected by Washington. However, the United States allowed Saudi and Qatari pilots to fly Turkish F-16s.

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These foreign defense analysts claim that there was a difficult time for Turkey when Turkish forces suffered a major blow after the 2016 uprising. At that time, it was Pakistan that took over the Turkish Air Force.

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