Turkey successful in extinguishing forest fires in major areas

Lahore, 1st August: Turkish authorities have made tireless efforts in extinguishing the forest fires that erupted in various parts of the country, particularly the southern regions.

According to details, 107 forest fires out of 112 have been extinguished so far. According to Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli, fire brigades took the fire in Mersin province under control.

Minister for Forests and Agriculture said that fires have been reported in different parts of the country for the last three or four days. 

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The Minister of Forests said that forest fires are still raging in Manavgat, Gun Doamash and Ghazi Pasha towns of Antalya district and the situation looks serious. It is reported that it is spreading whereas the fire in Adana district has been brought under control.

The fire broke out at four places in the towns of Moala, Marmaris, Koye Zaz, Bodrum and Melas, which will be extinguished soon by local and foreign equipment and machines.

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He added that three planes, nine helicopters, and several other vehicles and crews were active and engaged in fighting the blaze in Marmaris.

It is to be noted that the forest fire in the Silifke district first emerged on July 29 and spread to the Gülnar district due to the strong wind on July 31.

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