Turkish fighter jets over east of Euphrates, Syria

ANKARA, Sep 25 (AA/APP):Turkish fighter jets conducted a flight Wednesday east of the Euphrates River in northern Syria, according to the country’s National Defense Ministry.

“As part of the Operation Inherent Resolve, two F-16s of Turkey’s Air Forces Command carried out flight between 10 a.m.-12 p.m. over Syrian airspace, east of the Euphrates,” the ministry said on Twitter.

Turkey has long decried the threat from terrorists east of the Euphrates in northern Syria, pledging military action to prevent the formation of a “terrorist corridor” there.

The Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR) led by the U.S. was launched by more than 70 countries in 2014 to eliminate the Daesh terrorist group and the threat it poses to Iraq, Syria, and the international community.


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